Rethinking AI: Real-World Applications of Causal AI

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Rethinking AI: Applying Causal AI to Real-World Problems

Monday, December 12, 2022

10:00 – 11:00 AM PST


What will you learn?

You’ll leave this webinar understanding:

  • The challenges of traditional AI

  • How causal AI is changing the approach to AI

  • How businesses today are applying causal AI


The majority of AI projects stall, fail or never deliver the value that was originally envisioned. Why? Because traditional AI relies on correlations, and fitting a model to old data rather than understanding the relationships between your data and desired outcomes. Some say you just need more data, but throwing more data at the problem doesn’t address the fundamental problems, and can sometimes exacerbate issues such as biases, explainability (XAI) and ethical concerns. 


On this webinar, Stuart Frost, CEO of Geminos Software and successful serial software entrepreneur will discuss the reason why causal AI is gaining industry attention, and how the company is working with clients that are applying causal AI. Joining Stuart will be Judith Hurwitz, Geminos’ chief evangelist and author of more than a dozen books focused on applying emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, and big data, to business challenges. 


Stuart Frost

CEO and Founder

Geminos Software

Judith Hurwitz

Chief Evangelist

Geminos Software

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