AI That
Knows Why

Causal AI is the Next Big Thing
Geminos Makes it Possible

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Bridge The Gap Between Business and Technology

The Geminos Causeway platform uses causal models to remove complexity and increase explainability by providing a common language between data scientists and the business
underpinned by the science of causality

Build AI Faster
with Less Effort

Causeway's low-code platform allows modeling and deployment of AI faster, with more accurate results

Deliver Explainable
AI Solutions

Collaboration between business and data science teams is made easy with our model-first approach

Utilize the Power of
Causal AI

Take advantage of the latest developments in AI and use causality to enhance your projects

Reduce Hidden Bias
See Beyond Correlation

Ensure fairness with causal AI that can envision futures outside of static historical data

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A World-Class Management Team

With decades of experience creating successful startups and industry-leading technology, the Geminos team is dedicated to bringing in the next generation of industry with causality-based AI solutions.


Stu Frost

Founder & Chief Executive Officer (CEO)


Jerry Schuman

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)


Julie Bassett

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)


Judith Hurwitz

Chief Causality Evangelist


Steve Eyre

VP Enterprise Accounts


Daniel Kirsch

Head of Community

Industry-Leading Organizations
That Trust Causal AI