Our world class management team is dedicated to delivering the most powerful AI-driven software that will lead the industry into the next generation.

Our Mission

We aim not only to provide industry-leading AI solutions, but also to usher in a new era of industry. The fourth industrial revolution, or industry 4.0, will be led by artificial intelligence. Unfortunately, AI powered by classic data science isn’t enough for modern businesses. Causality is designed to bring the “why” into the equation and provide unmatched results to propel industry forward into the next generation.

About Causality

Causality is the culmination of decades of research and experience. It’s an industry-leading AI platform designed to digitize even complicated operations, support team decision-making, and bolster efficient operations at a sensible cost. Here are some of the benefits causality AI can bring to your operation above and beyond standard AI solutions:

● Make real-time decisions
● Works with your human team
● Adapt to changing conditions
● Bias-free and explainable
● Supports large and small datasets

Causality-Based AI Enterprise Solutions

Most machine learning and AI platforms don’t take into account the most important aspect of decision-making: “why.” They make predictions based on static data, and the only constant in business is change. With Causality, your software can reason based on cause-and-effect relationships and direct input from your team to make real decisions that optimize operational performance, not just make predictions. If you’re ready to experience massive gains in quality and time to solution, contact us to see what the Geminos Causeway Platform can do for you.