Our management team consists of seasoned professionals with expertise in founding and leading technology startups, pioneering technological advancements and leading research in the realm of data and artificial intelligence.

With an impressive history of entrepreneurship, industry analysis, and thought leadership, this amalgamation of expertise offers a wealth of knowledge, ensuring a progressive and innovative approach in leading the company forward.

Stuart Frost - Chief Executive Officer

Stu has 30 years experience in founding and leading successful data management and analytics startups. In the last eight years, he has created and incubated some of the leading companies in the IIoT market, including Maana (IIoT knowledge platform), OspreyData (oil and gas analytics), NarrativeWave (wind farm analytics), ThinkIQ (food traceability) and SWARM (AI agents for IIoT). During this time, he saw the market go from its very early gestation to the point where major industrial companies are starting to make significant, long term commitments to digitization. Through this unique experience, Stuart has developed a deep knowledge of the market’s needs and how to successfully create and sell key technologies to meet those needs.

After graduating from Nottingham University with a degree in Electronic and Computer Engineering, Stu founded SELECT Software Tools at age 26 and led the company, as CEO, through rapid growth and expansion, including a very successful NASDAQ IPO in 1996. He then founded DATAllegro in 2003 which was acquired by Microsoft in 2008 for $275m. As part of the acquisition, Stu joined Microsoft to lead the data warehousing group, which generated around $1bn in revenue. He left Microsoft in 2010, and started an incubator focused on creating industrial and healthcare IoT startups.

Having successfully created some of the leading startups in the IIoT market and seeing that the world’s major industrial companies are starting to invest in digital twin and related technologies, he has now founded and taken the helm of a new company focused on this huge opportunity – Geminos.

Jerry Schuman - Chief Technology Officer

On the leading edge of technology for over 35 years, Jerry is a serial entrepreneur that has been part of numerous startups focused on developing innovative technologies and creative customer solutions. He has been a visionary and pioneer in systems architecture around the development of Internet-based enterprise applications across multiple industries since the inception of the Internet.

In 1993 he founded Flashpoint Systems, one of the first internet and intranet application development companies in the world. Flashpoint Systems was acquired in 1995 by a worldwide systems integrator where he served as Chief Technology Officer directing product research and development for over eight portfolio companies.

In 1998, Jerry co-founded VERSIFI, Inc. The company’s product was considered the world’s most visionary technology in the area of enterprise content management as proclaimed by Gartner Group. The company was acquired in 2000.

In 2008, he co-founded Perssonas, Inc. which was a social network-based hyper-aggregator with a focus on delivering branded, content-rich experiences for the entertainment industry and major brands worldwide while utilizing advanced machine learning and personalization to the end user and their trust network.

In 2014, he founded PingThings, Inc. a venture-backed software company that brings best-of-breed big-data software and data science techniques to the utility industry. They offer streaming analytics solutions for anomaly detection and event recognition on the power grid. Their venture investors to date include CometLabs and GE along with several smaller investors. PingThings is the only company to ever receive seed funding from GE Ventures and was recognized as a top 20 early stage startup at the Siemens New Venture Forum in 2014. PingThings is engaged with several utility clients and Department of Energy projects such as the recently announced $6.2M award from ARPA-E for the creation of, “A National infrastructure for Artificial Intelligence on the Grid”.

Julie Bassett - Chief Marketing Officer

Julie has 20 years of experience in marketing for international technology companies. Julie began her marketing career in KnowledgeWare Inc.’s German office being promoted to an international marketing role out of its Paris headquarters in 1993. Returning to the US, she served as Marketing Manager and then Director for Germany-based startup R&O Inc. (repository technology) in Walnut Creek California.

When R&O relocated to the East Coast she decided to stay in California, taking the role of Marketing Manager for UK-based SELECT Software Tools, as the company began its launch into the US Market. At SELECT, Julie was promoted to Director and then VP of Global Marketing, responsible for international marketing strategy and programs as well as investor and public relations. She led all aspects of global marketing for the US, Europe, UK and Australian markets. In 1996 she led the investor and public relations that helped the company complete its successful NASDAQ IPO. After SELECT she started her own PR company (Bassett PR & Marketing) focused on helping small technology companies and startups with branding, positioning, and public relations.

In 2003 she co-founded DATAllegro and served as VP of Marketing. At DATAllegro she played a key role in establishing the company as a leading data warehouse appliance vendor. DATAllegro was acquired by Microsoft in 2008. She was then hired by Microsoft as a Marketing Programs Manager.

Judith Hurwitz - Chief Causality Evangelist

Judith has been a thought leader, industry analyst and consultant focused on emerging technologies for more than 30 years. She has started three businesses, served as a strategy consultant to countless global software companies and co-authored 10 retail books on emerging technologies and 7 ‘Dummies’ books on a variety of data and cloud topics.

Her most recent books include Augmented Intelligence: The Business Power of Human-Machine Collaboration (CRC Press, 2020) and Cognitive Computing and Big Data Analytics (Wiley Provides strategy and direction to buyers and sellers of technologies that help provide differentiation for the future. Co-author of 10 books including Augmented Intelligence: The Business Power of Human-Machine Collaboration (CRC Press, 2020) Cognitive Computing and Big Data Analytics (John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 2015). In 2011 I wrote a business book called, Smart or Lucky? How Technology Leaders Turn Chance into Success (Jossey-Bass, 2011).

Steve Eyre - VP Enterprise Accounts

Steve has over 30 years’ experience working in the technology sector in both technical and commercial roles. After graduating with a BSc (Hons) in Business Computer Systems from the University of the West of England, Steve joined SELECT Software Tools as the company experienced a successful IPO on NASDAQ, working as a sales engineer, becoming their principle pre-sales consultant and ultimately an account manager supporting the UK customer base and a worldwide network of distributors, resellers and partners.

In 1999, Steve left SELECT to co-found Slipstream SDS, an outsourced demand generation agency specialising in helping global tech companies like Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, Intel, Dell and EMC ‘go-to-market’ and expand further into Europe. Steve was a key member of the management team helping the company to grow organically from zero to 100 employees in 3 years.

In 2005 Steve founded CRMLABS, a SaaS CRM company specializing in accelerated delivery of CRM solutions into the mid-market. After a merger and re-brand in 2015 (becoming Altido Group Ltd), Steve took on the roles of CEO/CTO and refocussed the business offering focussing on digital transformation solutions predominantly for the legal, manufacturing, supply chain, real estate and business service sectors.

Daniel Kirsch - Head of Community

Daniel (Dan), is the Head of Community for Geminos Software. As organizations begin to see the massive commercial value of causal inference, one of the biggest implementation roadblocks is a lack of in-house skills. This isn’t an uncommon problem for emerging technologies. Dan has worked closely with many organizations as they implement machine learning and AI efforts and has seen community efforts accelerate the success of technology investments.

Prior to joining Geminos, Dan was Managing Director and Co-Founder of Techstrong Research. At Techstrong Research, Dan created a consulting, IT industry analyst, and thought leadership organization focused on how emerging technologies such as AI, machine learning, and advanced analytics are impacting businesses. Dan partnered closely with leadership teams for technology vendors to help align their solutions with enterprise requirements.

Before co-founding Techstrong Research, Dan was Managing Director at Hurwitz & Associates, an analyst and consulting firm. At Hurwitz & Associates Dan led research on a variety of studies and reports in the areas of data and AI, modern software development, security, and multicloud computing.

Dan earned his B.A. in Political Science from Union College in New York and a J.D. from Boston College Law School, where he focused on emerging corporate strategies and intellectual property. As an attorney, Dan represented start-ups, cloud computing ventures, and early-stage startups as they sought funding. Dan is a co-author of Augmented Intelligence: The Business Power of Human-Machine Collaboration (CRC Press, 2020), Cloud for Dummies (John Wiley & Sons 2020), and Hybrid Cloud for Dummies (John Wiley & Sons, 2012).