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Judith Hurwitz Joins Geminos Software Advisory Board

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Geminos Software CEO Stuart Frost Announces New Advisory Board Members

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Orange County Entrepreneur Stuart Frost Launches Geminos Software

About Causality

Causality Testing Identifiability

How to Push Causal Inference in Industry?

AI Fairness Isn’t Just an Ethical Issue


A/B Testing and Covid-19: Data-Driven Decisions in Times of Uncertainty


Digital Transformation Driven by Causality

Digital Transformation Driven by Causality

Understanding causation instead of mere correlation is one of the hot topics within the AI community. Prof Judea Pearl’s breakthrough work on causality won him the Turing Award in 2011 and two economists shared the Nobel Prize in 2021 for their work on the topic....

The Importance of Causality – A Simple Example

The Importance of Causality – A Simple Example

In 2019, Google carried out a study of gender discrimination in their organization. Shockingly, they found that men were actually paid less than women and increased men’s pay as a result. The US Dept. of Labor looked at the same study and disagreed, finding that (as...

Causality and the Metaverse (and IoT along the way)

Causality and the Metaverse (and IoT along the way)

In recent weeks, there’s been a huge amount of press on the ‘Metaverse’, mostly driven by Facebook’s rebranding to Meta and their related announcements. Despite the mocked-up videos featuring Mark Zuckerberg and his avatar (did anyone else have trouble distinguishing...

Stuart Frost in the News


Healthbox Podcast – Interview with Stu Frost

SoCalTech – How Frost Venture Partners Is Incubating The Big Data Future

Orange County Business Journal

Orange County Business Journal – Innovators Awards


CNET – Microsoft Completes DATAllegro purchase


ComputerWorld – Microsoft Leapfrogs Oracle with DATAllegro Buy

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