July 28, 2022

Interview Outline

In the interview, Judith Hurwitz interviews Stuart Frost, founder and CEO of Geminos Software. Stuart describes how Geminos' approach to AI differs significantly from current norms. Rather than beginning with data and hiring an army of data scientists for custom projects, Geminos believes in understanding the world through cause-effect chains and focusing on the data relevant to those chains. This is achieved through the use of causal models which serve to highlight potential sources of bias and suggest ways to block them, all while maintaining transparency and explainability.

The Geminos Causeway platform is built on two main open-source foundations: Node-RED, an IBM-derived low code development environment, and TypeDB, a British-made knowledge graph database. Geminos has also incorporated libraries created by leading organizations like Microsoft, Google, and McKinsey into their platform.

Stuart believes that causal modeling provides a dynamic layer on top of the static knowledge models, combining the two to offer a powerful tool to understand the world. This approach, according to him, not only aids in solving problems related to bias, data quality, and explainability upfront but also helps monitor the running applications from a causal perspective, improving understanding of business operations.

Geminos is very open to engagement and has set up a Slack channel to foster community dialogue. They're also open to providing demos of their platform to interested parties.


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