September 1, 2023

Marketing Campaign ROI with Causal AI


This discussion highlights how a beauty and lifestyle product company was able to dramatically improve their marketing campaigns through the use of the power of causal AI. The objective of this project was to harness the power of Causal AI technologies to bring a new level of precision to our client's marketing campaign ROI analysis. By transcending the constraints of traditional analytics, we aim to unlock dynamic, nuanced insights that inform smarter strategies, optimize budget allocation, and drive impactful sales increases.

Problem Statement

Our client, a beauty and lifestyle products company with global distribution centers, was under incredible pressure from the CEO to significantly increase revenue for the quarter. The management team decided that an aggressive marketing campaign would be the best way to achieve this business goals. Therefore, a budget of almost $3 million was allocated for these marketing initiatives. allocates a significant annual budget of ~$2.5M to various marketing campaigns on multiple social platforms. Despite substantial investments in campaigns featuring influencers and celebrities, they face a critical challenge: traditional analytics models fall short in capturing the full spectrum of causal factors affecting ROI. The limitations arise due to complexities such as time lag between campaigns and order placements, the intricate web of causal variables, and uncontrolled external influences.

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