December 5, 2019

Software-Driven Approach uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to more Rapidly Build Industrial AI Applications

December 5, 2019, Laguna Niguel, California – Stuart Frost today announced the launch of Geminos Software (, a new digital twin platform for Industry 4.0, into the rapidly expanding artificial intelligence market.

“The world is on the cusp of a new industrial revolution, and, ultimately, a massive shift in how man and machine interact.” This is the focus of Geminos Software, Stuart Frost’s latest venture. “Geminos is a software platform that makes it much easier to create a ‘digital twin’ of things in the real world, and then build applications which can all communicate seamlessly thanks to being architected in a consistent manner,” he explains.

According to IDC Research, spending on digital transformation will be close to $2 trillion by 2022 and 500 million new applications will be required to facilitate this transformation over the next five years. Frost explained, “the new industrial revolution is at risk of stalling a little because it’s dependent on data scientists to create all of the necessary applications, and there simply aren’t enough of them to meet the enormous level of demand. It’s simply not feasible to build 500 million new AI driven applications in the next few years at the current level of productivity and with the current products on the market.” Geminos is a scalable, open and highly adaptable data storage and processing platform, that enables industrial organizations to use artificial intelligence to more rapidly build powerful, focused AI applications.

A veteran of the worlds of analytics and data management with more than 30 years of experience, Stuart Frost, from Laguna Niguel, California, has created and incubated many companies in the data and artificial intelligence markets, developing an unparalleled knowledge of customer’s needs and the key technologies involved in the process.

About Geminos Software

Geminos Software’s ( digital twin platform improves the quality and time to market of AI-driven solutions to enable industrial digital transformation (Industry 4.0 or Industrial IoT). The Geminos platform uses “AI to build smarter AI applications” and solves some of the key challenges in creating next generation applications.

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