September 3, 2021

Stuart Frost’s Team Strengthened with Addition of Technology Industry Thought Leader

September 3, 2021, Laguna Niguel, California – Geminos Software (, pioneers of “Using AI to Build AI” in Laguna Niguel, California, today announced that renowned technology strategist, thought leader and author Judith Hurwitz will join its advisory board.

“I am excited about Geminos because of its focus on the importance of causality (the practice of being able to better understand the relationship between cause and effect),” said Hurwitz. “It is not enough to simply focus on machine learning and AI. We have learned that correlation isn’t enough. Rather it is imperative that we understand data in context. This is why I am so proud to be joining Geminos’ advisory board. I have known and worked with Stuart Frost for many years and he is a visionary leader.”

“Judith understands the power of using causality to make AI more pervasive and easier to apply to business problems,” said Stuart Frost. “She is highly respected in the technology industry and her experience and expertise will be very valuable in helping Geminos achieve its goals. We are thrilled to have her on board.”

About Stuart Frost

A veteran of the worlds of analytics and data management with more than 30 years of experience, Stuart Frost of Laguna Niguel, California has created and incubated many companies in the data and artificial intelligence markets, developing an unparalleled knowledge of customer needs and the key technologies involved in the process. In the last eight years, Stuart has been the leader for some of the biggest companies in the IIoT market, including Maana (IIoT knowledge platform), OspreyData (oil and gas analytics), NarrativeWave (wind farm analytics), ThinkIQ (food traceability) and SWARM (AI agents for IIoT). During this time, he saw the market go from its very early gestation to the point where major industrial companies are starting to make significant, long-term commitments to digitization. Through this unique experience, Stuart has developed a deep knowledge of the market’s needs and how to successfully create and sell key technologies to meet those needs.

About Judith Hurwitz

Judith Hurwitz is a technology consultant and strategist, thought leader, and author. She has co-authored 10 books. Her most recent books include Augmented Intelligence: The Business Power of Human-Machine Collaboration, Cloud Computing for Dummies (Second Edition), and Cognitive Computing and Big Data Analytics. Judith’s career has focused on the importance of emerging technology that can transform markets. She is passionate about the importance of understanding data in context and the imperative for collaboration between data scientists and business leaders.

Judith has more than 25 years of experience in the technology industry including stints at John Hancock and Apollo Computer (acquired by Hewlett Packard). She founded three companies including Hurwitz Group, Inc., CycleBridge Technologies, and Hurwitz & Associates. She serves on the advisory board of numerous emerging companies and is a frequent speaker at industry events. Judith is a graduate of Boston University where she currently serves on the Boston University’s College of Arts & Sciences Dean’s Advisory Board.

About Hurwitz and Associates

Hurwitz & Associates is an enterprise software strategy and consulting firm focused on emerging technologies including cloud computing, artificial intelligence analytics, devops, security, and distributed computing management.

About Geminos Software

Stuart Frost’s newest venture is Geminos Software in Laguna Niguel, California. Geminos’ knowledge and causality platform improve the quality and time to market of AI-driven solutions to enable digital transformation for manufacturing and logistics companies (Industry 4.0 or Industrial IoT). The Geminos platform “uses AI to build AI” and solves some of the key challenges in creating next-generation, AI-driven solutions.

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