May 31, 2022

Identifying causal effects is an integral part of scientific inquiry. It helps us understand everything from educational outcomes to the effects of social policies to risk factors for diseases. Questions of cause-and-effect are also critical for the design and data-driven evaluation of many technological systems we build today.

To help data scientists better understand and deploy causal inference, Microsoft researchers built a tool that implements the process of causal inference analysis from end to end. The ensuing DoWhy library has been doing just that since 2018 and has cultivated a community devoted to applying causal inference principles in data science. To broaden access to this critical knowledge base, DoWhy is migrating to an independent open-source governance model in a new PyWhy GitHub organization. As a first step toward this model, we are announcing a collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS), which is contributing new technology based on structural causal models.

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