July 18, 2023

Webinar Overview

During this interactive session, participants learned how Chat GPT, paired with Causal AI, could assist in making better, data-driven decisions and achieving digital transformation goals.

Attendees walked away from the webinar having learned:

  • How ChatGPT could aid in building more robust Causal AI models and Causal Digital Twins, revolutionizing their ability to make data-driven decisions.
  • The strength of human plus machine collaboration -- as subject matter experts used ChatGPT to discover unobserved causal variables, unveiling potential untapped opportunities in their models.
  • The complete Causal AI development journey, setting the course for digital transformation.

Before the webinar, participants were encouraged to register to secure their spot in the informative session. For those who couldn't make it live, registration ensured they received a recording of the webinar, allowing them to not miss out on these crucial insights.

The invitation was open for sharing with any colleagues who might have been interested in transforming their decision-making processes with Causal AI and Chat GPT.

The webinar was an interactive and enlightening event. Attendees were encouraged to send any questions in advance, or ask them during the live Q&A session.

Watch The Event

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